Ständige Vertretung ZK/U - Berlin


A New Residency Space in ZK/U and Open Architectural Prototype


In light of a growing shortage of space for independent cultural productions, Ständige Vertretung (“Permanent Representation”) establishes a sculptural project space for creators from Berlin.

In consecutive two-monthly residencies over the upcoming two years, cultural practitioners are invited to imagine, propose and develop their own projects, conferences, exhibitions or publications along the lines of ZK/U’s conceptual framework.

Currently, the ZK/U addresses all Berlin project spaces, initiatives and collectives, which are artistically, experimentally discussing social issues along the content of the ZK/U discourse
and are looking for additional production, working or exhibition facilities for conferences, symposia or other formats.
Developed in cooperation with ConstructLab, Refunc and StudioC, the ZK/U with theStändige Vertretung proposes an alternative to the Berlin real estate policy and enables a safe and affordable production location for free cultural citizens in precarious situations. Therefore, especially actors in situations of acute urgency are addressed with this program.


Open Source/ Open Frame-Work

The pavilion represents an open framework constituted of one construction principle, which is based on the repetition of wooden frames;; one form and one skin. The potential and the simplicity of the construction assemblage seeks to inspire a multitude of applications, situations and appearances. The pavilion, built in 3 weeks with basic construction tools and only 7000 euros of construction materials could be further reproduced as extra residential space for individual housing, shelter for emergency situations, an urban pop-up shop or a workshop in the public realm, etc.


One Structure/ Three Models/ 1001 Options (or More)

The homogeneous and repetitive structure enhances the diversity of possible implementations: every face of the pavilion can potentially become a roof, façade or ground surface, depending on its implementation and orientation. The same structure can be assembled, disassembled, displaced, turned upside down and the other way around. The building acts as a DIY-kit that the builder-user can choose where to open and where to close, where to enter or where to look through. The covering of the volume varies from one model to another or from time to time, offering as many possibilities as there are materials, from the most transparent to the most opaque.
Grafted, integrated or standalone, the project proposes to explore from one unique architectural form three main conceptual situations: from 14 to 21 m2 surface / from 2,5 to 7 m high / lying down, standing up or stretching on its side / the pavilion is meant to adapt to any specific context. Furthermore, the assemblage of several modules enriches exponentially the variety of its possible futures.



ZK/U (Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik), Siemensstraße, Berlin, Germany


From: April 1, 2017
Until: May 1, 2017



Project Blog

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Image Credits: refunc