Joanne Pouzenc

Joanne Pouzenc is a french architect, curator and educator exiled in Berlin, currently teaching in the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Toulouse. Pouzenc considers architecture as the built representation of a meaningful process. She therefore focuses her curatorial and educative approach to feature and experiment alternative ways to develop that process rather than its final form. In the lasts years, she organised and co-curated several events around urban life, urban form and public space within a socio-political and economical spectrum such as Berlin Unlimited in 2014, Make City in 2015 and Public Space – Fights and Fictions in 2016; she initiated within her teaching practice the first « Traveling Architecture Studio », featured in the french pavilion of the Venice Biennale 2016; she currently develops a future ecosystem for co-living, co-working and peer-to-peer learning.