Museum of Arte Util

Van Abbemuseum

The Museum of Arte Util is a project initiated by Tania Brugera and the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven, it showing during 4 month in the Van Abbemuseum from december 2013 to march 2014, the Arte Util case studies archive. The exhibition design concept of a social power plant is based on the collaboration of Alexander Römer (architect/ carpenter) , Bureau d’Etudes (artist collective) and Collective Works (graphic collective) with Tania Brugera and the curatorial team of the van Abbemuseum.

A wooden circle is introduced, generating a new in and outside for each white cube exhibition-space of the van Abbemuseum building.  During the 3-week-long constructLab the team is joined on site by local and international designers to elaborate the design for the Museum of Arte Util and activate the Van Abbemuseum-space through a constructLab building performance. The participants have been asked to build and experience the design of the different spaces in the exhibition related to the curatorial themes and the design concept, in a playful translation, through the design-build process and to make the visitor become a user. During the last week of the constructLab a new team joins to self-test the propositions and it’s use capacity by proposing different projects such as the booklet below.

Image Credits: constructlab/ van Abbemuseum