Cittadellarte /Kunststadt

Kunsthaus Graz

Settled in the exhibition-hall 001 of the Kunsthaus Graz, the “KunstStadt” is place of operation for the invited art groups of the “sharing transformation” exhibition by Fondazione Cittadellarte. Its wooden architecture is a structural framework and the home base for the artist’s projects taking place during the exhibition in the city of Graz. During the exhibition the visitors of the KunstStadt can take part in workshops or meet the artists within the scenario of the imaginary KunstStadt by using existing urban functions such as an indoor market, a cinema, or go for a walk in the city-forest, visit a factory and sit down on a main square among other visitors. The KunstStadt generates the relation between the real city outside of the exhibition-hall and the collaborative cittadellarte, generated by the participating artists with their projects. Its structure was built in three weeks during a ConstructLab in collaboration with a group of builders-designers, the invited artists, and the carpenters of the museum workshop. An audio-guide, produced by the ConstructLab participants and the museum education department and narrated by an official city guide of Graz accompanies the visitors through the KunstStadt.

Book of Transformation, Catalogue of the exhibition



Kunsthaus, Graz, Austria


From: September 6, 2012
Until: October 31, 2012



Image Credits: constructlab