ZKU Pavilion Parasite

Since its implementation, the ZKU has evolved by the addition of several modules – all unique – responding to a specific need at a certain time. The silo, the 2 successive containers or the Fevala café are all resulting from the progressive need for space, animating the main façade and provoking its heterogeneity. Following this logic, the Pavilion becomes one of them.

Designed by ConstructLab and Refunc, the proposal represents an open framework constituted of one construction principle, one form and one skin. The potential and the simplicity of the construction assemblage is thought to inspire a multitude of applications, situations and appearances. From being installed at the front of the ZKU extending its office space and marking its main entrance to becoming an independent structure for travelling exhibitions or artist residencies, the pavilion allows us to dream about possibilities of one pavilion to thousand – and one – pavilions!

For it’s first appearance, the pavilion will be implemented under the roof of the terrace creating a new residency space for local artists. The proximity of the pavilion to the other residency spaces orientates toward a close contact between international invited artists in residency and the local artists in the pavilion, creating an interesting in between situation and framing the space of encounters.

The construction of  this new residency space, the Ständige Vertretung (or Permanent Representation) in ZK/U – Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, is well on its way! Make sure to follow the blog and our facebook page to get news from the construction up until the 30th of April and other related activities.

The tiny construction will also be open to Berlin based artists who can apply for a two month residency, so keep an eye out for open call for artists!

Images by Sébastien Tripod and Joanne Pouzenc.

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