Active between 2003 and 2015, EXYZT’s manifesto proclaims it as a ‘platform for multidisciplinary creation’ whose aim is to challenge the view of architecture as an independent field of practice. Exyzt was based in Paris with around 20 permanent members. The collective conceived and organised each project as an experimental playground in which cultural behaviours and shared stories related, mixed and mingled.

Each project strived to involve different constituencies of the local community in a social network that is invited to inhabit a temporary space. The collaboration of the collective was project based, all members brought in specific competences and also continued develop initiatives which are still active, among them constructlab, 1024 architecture or surface totale to name a few.

team in 2008:

Beller Julien, architect D.P.L.G. : Fights for the people’s rights.

Burban Gilles, architect D.P.L.G. : Mister T, Webmaster and rustic cooking expert.

De Angeli Philippe, dj: electricity and all other skilled operations that include wire management.

Dudinsky Dagmar, graphist designer: Graphic design on all supports : clothes, walls, floors, objects..

Goutes Christophe, dj aka Toffee,: Mostly great video and music mixes.

Grimard Stephanie, architect D.P.L.G.: Her interior designs make our life so much more confortable!

Guiches Julie, photographer: portraits people in their natural habitats.

Hameau Tiphaine, gastro-artist, botanical searcher: He can work on all eadible stuff.

Henninger Nicolas, architect D.P.L.G.: Mister E, International Relations, truck driver. Always on the road!

Lacombe Gonzague, graphic designer: Graphic design on all supports : clothes, walls, floors, objects..

Messu Dimitri, architect: All heavy construction : the more dangerous tasks are the better

Muzio Sara, artist, film director and architect

Pelleschi Brice, photographer: Lighting, electricity and architecture photography makes our buildings actually photogenic!

Rizzoti Philippe, architect D.P.L.G.: Mister Y, administrator, negociator and budget expert.

Römer Alexander, architect and carpenter: specialized in wood architecture. And is our sauna meister!

Salis Raf, technical genius, plumbing, electricity, fireworks, and all mechanic reparations: Can actually make things work !

Schneider Pier, architect D.P.L.G.: Mister Z, Public Relations, dancing cameraman and logistic expert.

Wunschel François, architect D.P.L.G.: Mister X, video and computer expert.

groupe photo by Julie Guiches from 2006, Metavilla project