Yellow Ziehharmonika Box

Dresden Kulturhauptstadt 2025

Dresden is applying to become the European Capital of Culture in 2025. In order to present this idea to the public for the first time, the city chose to use a yellow wooden box designed and built by Constructlab. The structure opens in unexpected ways, extending itself by the unfolding of a long transparent roof structure, and thus creating a multi-purpose space.

The cultural department of the city moved in its office into the box and hosted several different events during one week. They organized workshops, performances and concerts, making it a place where citizens could get informed, engaged and tell their ideas.

The box on wheels is easy to transport and store and will be reused in the next years for a series of related activities.



Bürgerstraße 63, 01127, Dresden, Deutschland


From: September 1, 2016
Until: September 28, 2016



  • Ryan Chiliton Coates

Image Credits: Frank Grätz / Constructlab