The New Eden

Vila Itororo

The New Eden project by constructlab in April 2015 started a temporary cultural space. The set was built mainly out of recycled wooden panels from the Biennal during a two-week period, with a focus on a one-weekend collaborative public workshop. It is set in the hangar of the construction-shelter of the Vila Itororo’s building-site. The New Eden is composed by a series of mobile Modules, which can be configured by the curators from Institut Pedra into different workspaces adapted to the specific activities. Each Module has a panel with an equal format, which is painted white for presentations; it is filled throughout the year by artists’ interventions, and holds workshop and seminars. The other side belongs to the daily use, and it is free to take on different functions: bookshelves, sitting space, slide etc.

This flexibility allows to test different situations and space configurations. Within the next step constructlab will take into consideration these experiences, create new proposals and consolidate the existing functions for the period until the renovation process is finished.

Image Credits: constructlab/ Marcos Vilas Boas