The Longest Bench of Brussels

On the in-between zone of the ring-road in Brussels the participativly conceived and built Longest Bench came to life.
The Longest Bench consists of 10 eclectic benches from 10 different local associations, organisations, artists and friends from the neighbourhood. Each design was made during our Longest Design Session organised in one afternoon together with several groups, and built on-site during one week

The zone around Anderlechtsepoort in Brussels has been a difficult neighbourhood since many years, being an in-between car parking wasteland.
Commissioned by the Mobility Departement of Brussels the question was raised to test the public support for experimentation with adding structures and activation, banning the car parking and creating new platforms for social interactions.
By creating the simple typology of a bench new interactions between neighbours and passerbys are welcomed in a simple but effective way.
Some benches are used as tables to have a pic-nic on, gymnastics, adventure parkour for kids, waiting for public transport and impromptu city barbecues.

During this spring several activations will be organised to guide the new future of this space.
A masterplan will be developed in commission for the Chief Architect of Brussels, based on the interactions and processes that go on around the Longest Bench, for the long-term future of the ring-road zone around Porte D’Anderlecht.

Many thanks and bravo to the teams for joining this adventure!
Dolto – Maison de quartier Buanderie, Le Comite d’Habitants Porte d’Anderlecht, Espace Social Télé-Service, Bob361 Architects, Team Dopler, Agathe et Alberto, BRAL.Brussels , Cultureghem , After Howl, the VK and Friends team, and many more!



Image Credits: O.S.T. & Constructlab