Table of Content

Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken

ConstructLab responded to the invitation of artistic director Katharina Ritter to think collaborativly about “a place of critical confidence” for the Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken. The Stadtgalerie aims to address the format of a “climate activating” practise through sustainable transformation within the cultural sector. The exhibition that runs till September 2022 serves as a platform for critical discourse around sustainability.
The exhibition started with a “climate building workshop”, in which infrastructure was built out of recycled wood from local park benches, freshly cut wood from the local forests and reused wood from past ConstructLab projects.
The Workshop produced a “climate kitchen”, tables and benches. The daily canteen supplied the residency while doing extended research bike tours on sustainable resources in and around Saarbrücken / Saarland. During the residency, numerous local production sites sponsored sustainably produced food such as fish, lentils, coffee and spices. In the kitchen dedicated exhibition space all initiatives were localised on a large regional wall-map.
Around 20 handmade tablecloths made of recycled material were hung in the central exhibition space. The cloths were used to reflect on ConstructLab’s own environmental impact. Labels with self examining questions on sustainable behaviour were attached to illustrations that represented Constructlab’s best known projects. This central space for mediation with the charm of a laundry room could (and still can) an be used for talks, eating and content production. With every activation new traces are left on the tablecloths.
“Table of Content” proposes an interactive space where visitors can participate in the critical analysis of climate issues through Constructlab’s projects and all the future development of Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken.

Image Credits: Joas Strecker, Peter Zuiderwijk, Dan Roth, Alex Römer