IBA Thüringen exhibition 2019

2019 is the intermediate presentation year of the International Building Exhibition (IBA) Thüringen. On this occasion, the IBA Thüringen, is presenting around 30 future projects in a central exhibition at the Eiermannbau in Apolda. In addition to the presentation of the project locations and work status, the focus is on the people behind them: What motivates them, how do they shape the “StadtLand” (engl. CityLand) of Thuringia? The “StadtLand” exhibition sees itself as an actual contribution to the discussion on the topic of rural areas and as a determination of the position and role of the IBA process in Thuringia.

The Eiermannbau exhibition venue in Apolda is an extraordinary building of industrial modernity, itself an IBA project, and allows guests to experience the IBA future processes one-to-one. The exhibition scenography stages the Eiermannbau as a display for the various “StadtLand” projects in Thuringia. The exhibition is also an important temporary use in the building, which has been vacant for many years. All floors and construction periods of the monument can be experienced. The IBA projects are presented to the visitors through various media such as film, interviews, large-format backdrops and detailed project descriptions. Their actors are introduced and their contributions to a sustainable province are valued. A temporary cinema and a photo studio invite visitors to participate in the exhibition and at the same time serve as an offering within the framework of the IBA project development of Eiermannbau as an open factory.

The concept of the exhibition aims to strongly integrate the medium of film into the presentation to provide a playful and low-threshold approach to encounter the diverse projects of IBA Thüringen in a compact and vivid way. Film or the moving image as most important and popular medium for communication and knowledge production today, is on one hand mediating the projects of IBA happening across Thuringia through portraits of their protagonists. The polyphonic introduction to the exhibition, is complemented on the other hand by a green key photo studio where the visitors could transfer themselves in the landscapes of Thuringia in real time. With simple tools such as a plinth to create the illusion of flying, the visitors can explore the IBA in a playful manner and leave their images in an electronic and cinematic guest book. The exhibition architecture has been produced as much as possible on site to activate the building.

© OST Collective

Image Credits: Thomas Müller, OST Collective, Constructlab, Video: Offscreen