Mobiles Museum

Staatliche Kunstsammlung Dresden

The Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden in their 15 collections provide an overview of 500 years of global art and cultural history. They have the mission to be a museum for all residents. In addition to the museums, which are anchored in Dresden, Leipzig and Herrnhut, the SKD want to expand their involvement in Saxony. For a long time, this has been done primarily in the form of loans and exhibitions.
This is exactly where the mobile museum comes in and tries to break down borders and make the museum contents of the SKD even more accessible. The Mobile Museum, a converted city bus, started in 2019 as a mobile satellite station of the exhibition “Children’s Biennial. Dreams & Stories “, which have been showed in the “Japanischen Palais” in Dresden. The mobile museum is scheduled to travel two to three times a week and is accompanied by a mediator in Art education.

Image Credits: Oliver Killig, Constructlab