Periferia Festival

For Brussels Goes Olympic 2058 , constructLab goes dopingLab !

In the vicinity of Drève Olympique, an undercroft of the periphery’s motorway located at the Parc des Etangs in Anderlecht, was transformed into a temporary performative laboratory, the constructLab doping station ! From here, the center of the future Olympic Parc 2058, the team spent a week exploring the territory, focusing their research on natural substances that can empower the future Brussels’ sports women and men !

The structure was built during the span of one week and inaugurated on friday September 29th during Periferia Festival’s Perilympics 2017. It opened its doors just in time to receive the active mass of individuals biking, swimming and running through Brussels in order to bring the Olympic Flame to Parc la Pede. Pills, ointment and unknown fluids gave revitalized the whole group !

On Saturday September 30th, all the athletes in place got to test the result’s of the one-week research ! In an ambiance of conviviality, recalling the feeling of a suburban petrol station (a common gathering place in the periphery of bigger agglomerations) they were able to try out and test different enhancing elements. Empowering drinks, pills and home-made chocolate were amongst the substances given. Energy and strength spiralled down their vains and prepared them for the competitions naturally increased their performance !

Alongside different sporting activities, the dopinglab became a space to test and reflect on the fairness of sportive competitions such as the Olympics and its immediate surroundings.



E19, 1070 Anderlecht, Belgique


From: September 25, 2017
Until: September 30, 2017



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Image Credits: Constructlab and OST Collective