W.o.W Workshop#1: Sonnenstudio

Sonnenstudio: how to make a common solar cooker for barbeque season

We are waiting for that season, in which our personal geographical focus moves to the parks and gardens of Berlin. Here, we eat together, drink together, laugh together. While the sausage sizzles on the grill, most of the heat and CO2 gases released by the burning charcoal emit to the air above our heads. Glowing beams shining down from the sky onto our necks chase us into the bracing shadow of the tall trees, where we watch the thermometer rise, towards noon and towards the future.
How primitive, one will say one day. Why are we not using this energy – catching, in focal points, the sun, the precious heat and the delicacy of its flavours on our food.

We will collectively build a solar cooker of considerable size. The workshop ends with a common dinner that we prepare together, in case of sunshine on the very day of the workshop, otherwise on the next sunny weekend day.
We will learn the technique to produce a solar cooker that can be replicated in a suitable scale for an individual, foldable summer-solar-cooker (the solar cooker is made from very basic components that can be found in almost any household). In the frame of the workshop, basic knowledge of the functioning and physical laws will be discussed, techniques of prototype-building will be explored, followed up by a collective cooking and exchange around the food. Our focus lies on learning together.

Day: 22nd April 2017
Time: 11.00-17.00
Location: Bauhaus Campus, Bauhaus Archiv, Klingelhöferstraße 14 berlin 10785

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