Who Are We #4 Roaming Workshops

This autumn we participated in a series of events convened by the Research Training Group Minor Cosmopolitanisms at the University of Potsdam entitled ‘Approaches to Decolonial Work During a Pandemic’ that deals with a postcolonial approach to ecologies, inequalities, bodies, indigeneities and alternative genealogies. The three events were hosted respectively by the participants¬† Xart Splitta e.V., Floating e.V. and the guides from the Jewish Museum and framed by the researchers of Minor Cosmopolitanism. We came out of these exchanges with the need to spend more time understanding what decolonial work might look like for us, how to connect and formulate common goals between design disciplines, community work that deals with everyday emergencies such as healing wounds of racism and theory focussed institutions. These encounters reinforced the need to dedicate time to work on common, careful methods of exchange, while also bringing up absurdities of working within different bubbles.

Part of the project:

Who Are We?

Image Credits: Research Training Group Minor Cosmopolitanisms, Uni Potsdam