W.o.W Workshops | Calendar April-June

The 10th of April, W.o.W is arrived at the Bauhaus Campus Berlin; the Campus, small architectures for big challenges, in an artisitc experimental village conceived by ​Tinyhouse university​ in cooperation with Bauhaus-Archiv / Museum für Gestaltung, Berlin, that aims to explore new ways of living together.

In this context W.o.W is proposing a 3 months kick-out start calendar of workshops:

W.o.W @ Bauhaus Campus | Program April-June
>> saturday 22th of april, ​10.00-17.00h
sonnenstudio: how to make a solar cooker for the barbeque season​ ​by Mascha Fehse and Valentina Karga
>> saturday 29th of april, ​11.00-17.00h
cajon/bench building workshop ​by Berk Asal (ON/OFF) and Lasse Kilvaer
>> saturday 13th of may, ​11.00-17.00h
plastic bags-kites building workshop ​by Sébastien Tripod and Stefanie Rittler
>> saturday 20th of may, ​11.00-17.00h
atom stool building workshop​ ​by Johanna Dehio
>> saturday 17th of June, ​11.00-17.00h
occasional furniture building workshop ​by​ ​Bastian Braun, Adrian Schefer, Frieda Walter, Paula Leu
>> saturday 24th of June, ​11.00-17.00h
side tables building workshop ​by Robin Weber and Ramon Von Roon

detailed program

>>saturday 22th of april, 10.00-17.00
Sonnenstudio: how to make a solar cooker for the barbecue season
by Mascha Fehse and Valentina Karga
We are waiting for that season, in which our personal geographical focus moves to the parks and gardens of Berlin. Here, we eat together, drink together, laugh together. While the sausage sizzles on the grill, most of the heat and CO2 gases released by the burning charcoal emit to the air above our heads. How primitive, one will say in the future. Why arewere we not using the glowing heat of the sun – catching, in closed containers the precious warmth and delicate flavours of our food. We will collectively build a solar cooker of considerable size. The workshop ends with a common dinner that we prepare together, in case of sunshine on the very day of the workshop, otherwise on the next sunny weekend day.
We will learn the technique to produce a solar cooker that can be replicated in a suitable scale for an individual, foldable summer-solar-cooker (the solar cooker is made from very basic components that can be found in almost any household). In the frame of the workshop, basic knowledge of the functioning and physical laws will be discussed, techniques of prototype-building will be explored, followed up by a collective cooking and exchange around the food. Our focus lies on learning together.
Mascha Fehse is a Berlin-based architect. Next to her master studies at Berlin University of the Arts she is frequently engaged in projects performing on the border of architecture, art and cultural practices. She is confronting questions of the public and the common, focussing on micro-collisions, applied experimental approaches and a design discourse that triggers curiosity and leaves space for an attitude. She is intrigued by moments that allow a multiplicity of motivation and coexistence of contradictions. Social constellation, infrastructural relations, structural connections and imaginative associations are issues that occupy her.
Valentina Karga, born in Chalkidiki, Greece, is an artist and architect based in Berlin. After she got her masters in architecture from the University of Thessaly, she has been a fellow at the Graduate school, University of the Arts Berlin (UdK).  Valentina’s projects encourage engagement and participation, facilitate practices of commoning and are concerned with sustainability. Her fascination of subcultures, lead Valentina’s work to often challenges societal taboos about topics such as human waste, money, autonomous living and spirituality. Some times, together with the participants, through dialogue and building prototypes in a DIY manner, they end up imagining alternatives for societal structures, such as economic and pedagogic institutions.  She is also a founding member of Collective Disaster, an interdisciplinary group that works in the interstices of art, architecture and the social realm. Among others,  her work has been shown at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Athens, the transmediale festival, the Athens Biennial, Kiasma museum, a major exhibition curated by Whitechapel Gallery and she has been awarded the Vilém Flusser Residency for Artistic Research 2015.

Berk Asal, born in 1983 in Izmir, Turkey is a trained industrial designer from The University of the Arts of Philadelphia, USA. Since 2012, works with a constellation of architects and urbanists within a collective he co-founded called on/off. Technical manager of the art association Apartment Project e.V. He is mostly interested in artistic production methods, industrial processes and materials among other interrelated topics. lives and works in Berlin since 2010. Lasse Kilvaer is a norwegian architect with experience in Australia
>>saturday 13th of may, 11.00-17.00
plastic bags kites building workshop
by Sebastien Tripod and Stefanie Rittler
Create a lively kite out of your hollow plastic bag!
It seems that one significant exchange we had with the sky, was by pooling a wings through a long string. The activity of a kite drifting and reacting to the wind is naturally catching all the attention of his owner. A phenomenon, which has been a source of great inspiration. This project is bringing up in the sky our awareness on plastic waste; a day-workshop to reuse empty plastic bags for future well-educated kids. By melting old plastic bags together, we will create a new fabric. This transformation on waste will serve our main resource for the creation of colorful kite. An invitation to let things flow and not to forget playing is suitable for all ages.

​Stefanie Rittler is a Berlin based social-designer, carpenter and explorer around the world. Her focus lies in hands-on working on all kinds of materials from small to big scale in inconvenient spaces and social constellations. She is passionate about photography and graphics and happy to find little flee markets.
Sébastien Tripod is a Swiss architect and technical drawer, living in Berlin and Lausanne, working across Europe. He collaborates with artists and cultural practitioners to realise experiments focused on participation and self-construction. Closely tied to the knowledge of craftsmanship and interested in traditional building techniques, he is working on projects in the existing and with the available, in a constant dialogue between conception and construction.
>>saturday 20th of may, 11.00-17.00
atom stool building workshop
by Johanna Dehio
T​he “atom stool” is a design first developed in 2013 in the context of the project “Museum of arte Util”, at the Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven. Composed of 9 pieces, its main characteristic are the simplicity and elegance at the same time of the first design; from the first one, any implementation, modification, customization is possible. A one day workshop to build your object, and to hack it.
„Based on a study of different aspects of improvisation which are consistently serving as an impulse and inspiration for Johanna Dehio’s work, she is concerned with the substance of relationships between the user and the object which implicates a responsibility for the things.
She creates objects that are characterized on a functional level by open and accessible structures that provoke interaction. On an artistic level the inspiration through improvisation leads to a form-language that combines various materials and surfaces with a plain and clear design.
Johanna Dehio, born in 1984 in Munich, is currently living and working in Berlin.
Her work ranges from furniture, product design and scenography projects to spacial and social interventions and the realisation of intercultural design projects, exhibitions and workshops.“
>>saturday 17th of june, 11.00-17.00
woodworking for kids
by​ ​Bastian Braun, Adrian Schefer, Frieda Walter, Paula Leu
In the workshop “Wood Working for Kids” Bastian Braun and Adrian Schefer want to build occasional furniture with kids from 9 to 14 years old. With the support of Frieda Walter and Paula Leu, the four will guide the kids threw the process to build their own piece for taking it home. There will be a selection of simple Designs, easy to build with common Materials and Tools. Helping Hands by the Parents are welcome but not necessarily required. age:9-14

Bastian Braun was born in 1988 in Heilbronn, Germany. Adrian Schefer was born in Giessen in 1986. Both work and live in Berlin. They met at the University of Applied Science in Potsdam where Bastian was studying product design and Adrian architecture. After a few years of self employed woodworking in individual competition they started a firm collaboration in 2015. Since then they share their power, knowledge and ideas in wood working and interior design building bars, cafes, offices, showrooms etc.
>>saturday 24th of june, 11.00-17.00
side tables building workshop
by Robin Weber and Ramon von Roon
Side tables are small tables for small objects: usually, they are next to the bed, the couch, at the beginning of the stairs, on the balcony…and they can be any color, shape, and dimensions. This workshop is a one day basic skill set delivery for making your own little table from scratch.
Robin Weber is an inspired seaman by trade but a sailing designer by choice. His shore leave he mainly spends in Berlin. Studied in naval architecture and equipped with hands-on engineering and carpentry skills he tries to grasp the art world by participation. Robin practices solitary confinement as an creative approach to interior design while working offshore.
Ramon, philosophy student, writer, father. Berlin born and raised, never tired to explore new ways to express himself. Loves to work with people to exchange ideas and to connect with peers.

All workshops have limited spaces and must be booked in advance.
For information on the cost of the workshops and to book, please contact elisa@constructlab.net

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