W.o.W Wellness on Wheels

Visiting the Bad et al sauna festival in Berlin Grünau: the Workshop on Wheels is transformed into a Wellness on Wheels for one day. Three saunas, a swimming pool, cold pools and some rooms to relax are waiting for 150 visitors in addition to fragrant infusions also literary outpourings, music, yoga, meditation and good food.

The W.o.W was the supply station for everything you need to spoil your body. Vitalizing peeling, caring aloevera, fragrant essences for the infusions, circulation-promoting Wenik twigs to massage each other and sauna hats to keep a cool head in the sauna.

Together with the guests, spruce branches were tied to so-called Weniks. Using them, stimulates the blood circulation and provides a pleasant feeling of relaxation.

Sauna hats were built, which also avoid burning hair in the sauna and had also a good effect in the bad weather.

So that everybody could go home with especially soft skin, there was a rosemary salt peeling to rub in after the sauna and fresh aloevera for the care afterwards.
Day: 10th March 2018
Time: 12.00-1.00
Location: Berlin Grünau

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Image Credits: constructLab