The W.O.W on tour with a new sibling

The W.o.W. Workshop on Wheels toolbox has been unpacked again! Built in  2017 the W.o.W. initially took a long journey through Europe, but has been hibernating for the last two years in our workshop in Kreuzberg, Berlin. The toolbox, while still packed with energy, memories and of course tools, needed a little care to be ready for its launch into the new year and it’s new phase of life.

The W.o.W. unfolds through simple, yet unexpected mechanisms, just like a toolbox, to reveal a fully equipped working space. Inside there is space for the storage of tools, materials and objects, while on the upper level the structure can host people overnight or function as an office and meeting point. The W.o.W. acts as a temporary hub where interaction, collaboration and mingling are encouraged through building. It facilitates the learning of low-tech building techniques and material characteristics that empower people to express their creativity.
In 2018 the W.o.W. made an adventure through Europe. The tour meandered through rural areas focusing on towns and villages that, while full of knowledge and a desire for exchange, often lack creative opportunities or participatory events for their citizens. The W.o.W. hosted new events throughout the journey that generated stories and experiences for all involved.

During the second phase in 2021, we brought together people from around Berlin and beyond to form the amazing W.o.W. team. We gathered to think, design, craft and connect for and on the W.o.W and re-create the energy and vibrancy that the W.o.W. always generated. We organised a two week construction workshop to pimp out the amazing W.o.W. toolbox trailer and get it back on the road; back to the life it had. We designed and built some add ons to make the toolbox more functional, easy to use and dynamic through new folding systems and some punchy graphics.
During the workshop we also questioned the traffic situation in Berlin and other European cities. Driving around with highly polluting cars and assigning them a lot of valuable public space doesn’t seem like the best solution anymore! We want to be sure that during up-coming workshops in Brandenburg, Germany this summer, we continue to promote the urban cargo bike movement. We will prove that we can not only think with a more eco-friendly mentality but also transport construction materials and tools in more sustainable ways.

To take this further we decided to design and build a new mini W.o.W. on a bike trailer as a critical stance on the use of cars in the city and proof that they aren’t needed. As a result the new sibling was born; the W.o.W. bicycle trailer. It will support projects and construction sites around the Baupalast and in the city of Berlin by supplying them with necessary tools, machines and workspace but all through our own pedal power! The W.o.W. is more than a large toolbox and a small workshop. It is a tool that can be used to create and activate spaces and neighbourhoods.

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