Christophe Goutes

Sound design & Performance

Christophe Goutes aka Matgorski, collagist, DJ, sound illustrateur, develops music just as we create an architecture. Inspired by a place, by a given context, he draws his sound materials from electro music, jazz and experimental hip-hop in order to propose us mixes that take us, through each story, into constantly different sound universes.

He creates the collective inkorpotation (music, grapich design and video installation) alongside Milosk Luczynski (VJ Milosh), Jude Grenaway (Scanone / Yellow Machine) and Cédric Marszewski (Pilooski / Discodeine) in Toulouse in 1995. In parallel, he develops the label Inderstructtible Records (reedition of 45t of jazz funk and Pilooski’s first EP) and collaborates with Sam Rouanet (Trenton Record, Berlin). Between 1999 and 2004, he is the DJ in residence at the New Casino and at the Pulp, Paris where he organizes with Jérôme Schmidt (Inculte Editions) the C.O.M.P.O.S.I.T.E. evenings which conjugate live videos, mixes, artist’s and writer’s performances.

Member of the Exyzt collective (art & architecture 2002-2015) since 2004, Christophe Goutes regularly collaborates with the label 1024 Architecture on sound creations for their installations (3D Bridge Nuit Blanche 2009 Paris, Abies electronicus Bruxelles 2012, boomBox Tapei 2013,Vortex Bordeaux 2014, Shanghai 2015…).

Christophe Goutes has worked on following Constructlab projects