(Re)mettons Vittone en place

W.o.W was invited to be a laboratory at École Vittone, a primary school in Saint-Étienne. For one week it transformed the square in front of the school into a construction site. Despite many rainy days the pupils of the school and the team around the W.o.W explored different possibilities to make use of the space. The first days workshops were organized to collect different ideas and visions about the future of the space. With the help of local designers the pupils of École Vittone became designers exploring their wishes for the place.

During the week the ideas of the pupils were translated into objects that little by little occupied the square. Plants were planted, seats were placed on the fence, the barrier used for balancing became a Parcours and around the tree grew a mountain. On the side of the street signs were placed to call attention that there are children playing behind the hedges.

During the transformation children were romping around, climbing on every new structure right away and helping with all their strength, ropes were pulled all over the place…

Everyone adapted to the new surrounding: parents used the new option for seating while waiting for their children, the new playing fields were used, the cave underneath the mountain was immediately captured and other new possibilities for playing were discovered.

The jointly developed structure was a prototype to see how the square could be more used in the future.

From: 28th May 2018
Until: 3rd June 2018

Place Vittone, 42000 Saint-Étienne, Frankreich

Image Credits: constructLab