Planet K

Kurdish Culture 53rd Biennale di Venezia

What is Planet K?

Many pictures arise, facts and fictions are told about freedom, right and wrong, dream landscapes and tough realities. Different languages and diverse viewpoints are held. An astonishing and confusing idea of what could be Planet K. This is the challenge, therefore we try to sketch a map of Planet K, go as far as possible in imagining this world. Let’s open the discussion by resuming the old dream of a better life in the brave new world.

Venezia may be the best inspiration for this experiment, get lost and find it anyway!

We invite all! The Planet K shall be an experiment of open creation. We propose to use the energy of creation and the act of construction to bring together artists and non-artists, kurdish and non-kurdish, anyone who wants to do this statement of Planet K. The aim is to create a specific place, an identity of Planet K in same time as the topographical model of Planet K grows. A participative architecture where everybody may bring time, reflection and material in order to open the discussion on the three main topics: border, identity and language.

A welcoming space. A hosting space is fundamental to generate the possibility of a dialogue. The centre of the exhibition space offers a place to sit, exchange or listen. Come here and take your time, it is the best way to reach Plane tK.

Be part of it! The workshop is proposed in order to find a collective artistic message above the individual artist’s statement. The aim is to create and practice together in accordance with a common directive, but also to open the creation of the Planet K to anybody who would like to participate in this journey so that the workshop initiates meetings with all participants. Planet K is a laboratory of ideas and projects of the kurdish artists, people from Venezia, the kurdish community in Venezia, students and neighbours and all who wants to contribute to the discussion on the kurdish cultural identity.


Campo San Leonardo, 30121 Venice, Italy


From: June 7, 2009
Until: November 22, 2009



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Image Credits: Constructlab