Kunsthaus Dresden Exhibition Space

Cities are special biological habitats, where the close coexistence of human being, plant and animal can be observed.
But there is an ongoing change in bird- and insect populations, the general botanic as well as in the cities interest in green areas . Can ecological and social conscioussness be strengthend trough gardening?
It´s time for a manufacture of visions.

The project garden ‘Harmas KGV’ and ‘Parzelle 3’ are part of the ‘New Neighbours’ initiative by the art museum Dresden as a result of the application as „European culture capital 2025“. A multi-disciplinary approach brings together gardeners, biologists, representatives of the city administration, artists and architects, working together on an ideal community garden. In a following common process two topics where defined. An architectonical approach and one gardening project, both contributing to the protection of species and encouraging diversity.

Constructlab was planning and building an additional exhibition pavillion for the ‘Kunsthaus Dresden’, standing on a small parcel of land, nestled in an extensive horticultural project. It is surrounded by a natural assemblage designed by Nana Petzet, an artist who concentrates mainly on environmental issues in her work.
Dry stone walls , offering a habitat for birds and insects and a mound of lime sandstone sediments, covered with local plants. A rich green area, that continues on the Pavillions roof. It connects pieces of contemporary art and the art of gardening.

The outer appearance and material choice was inspired by the already existing garden pavillion in the inner courtyard of the Kunsthaus Dresden and given a new independent character. The building is dominated by its clear outlines, vertically and horizontally, and a strong contrast in material colours. Emphasized joints and playful interior details, such as perforated frames, can be used for suspension and exhibition purposes.
A prosperous green roof represents the diverse plant life around, connecting built wooden structures with the vivid organic surrounding.

The garden is open for everyone and activated through different culturual events, opening environmental issues, art and culture to a broader public. In an continious participatory process, and changing artistic contributions and exhibitions, it gives impulses for a new togetherness, a new sensitivity towards our environment and space for new ideas. A prototype garden, dealing with questions of future city green and the use of productive land in a social city.


KGV "Flora I" e. V., Bergmannstraße 39, Dresden, Germany



  • Kunsthaus Dresden
  • Kleingartenverein „Flora 1" e.V. Dresden
  • Nana Petzet
  • ARTENREICH Naturnahe Gartengestaltung Sabine Kroehs
  • Boselgarten
  • Mittwochsmaler:innen
  • Botanischer Garten der TU Dresden
  • Umweltzentrum Dresden e.V.
  • Dresdner Gartenfreunde e.V.
  • Umweltamt der Landeshauptstadt Dresden
  • Garten Landschaftsbau GalaBau