Künstlerforum Worpswede

“We need a space that fulfils the needs of contemporary art production,” or “we need more space for group work out here.” Tim Voss, head of the artists’ residency in Worpswede, asked  Constructlab to develop the project. With little resources both plan a prototype of a multifunctional common space, a place for artist creation and experiments. In terms of content, the most diverse formats can be tested, collaborative work, exhibitions, symposia, theatre, music, etc.

Conceptually the building is a “support structure”, designed to develop and change, depending on the curatorial ideas and the program it gets a different façade or inside changes from a  concert hall to an atelier space. It is a temporary construction, however it stands on solid foundations. The structure can be dismantled and yet fulfils all engineering requirements for such a multipurpose building that can be used so differently. The central interior is almost cubic, 8m by 8m and 6m high. Surrounded by a double row of columns, this results in a two-storey gallery.

In the coming years, ideas are being tried out and documented by an iridescent program, an archive is created, and the artists in the residence of the future artists’ forum are slowly exploring their own program. At the end of the process is the beginning of a new artist forum fro Worpswede.



Vor den Pferdeweiden 16, 27726, Worpswede, Germany


From: August 15, 2016
Until: September 11, 2016



  • International workshop participants

Image Credits: constructlab/ Luise Rellensmann/ Simone Gilges