a public and collaborative shipyard

Up until the interruption of its stream by the dams, the Sarin represented a natural space of various exchanges in the town of Fribourg. Sawmills and skippers – essential for the economy and the transport of people – marked out the banks of the river and the surrounding neighborhoods of the Auge, Neuveville and the Planches. Far from being an obstacle to be crossed, the river was for centuries an opening to the world and it created a socio-ecological landscape of various activities, modes of existence and their respective temporalities. It’s the awakening of this almost forgotten imagination about the river that anchors our project : the creation of a participatory shipyard where volunteers share their expertise and forces for a collective realization (dry dock, heat engine, harbour master’s office, and different types of boats). The shore of the river becomes again a place for work and life. The public space becomes a laboratory of action, a generator of social encounters, of moments of learning and conviviality.


From Saturday 20.10 till Saturday 27.10

Public construction of the shipyard


On Saturday, 20.10, 14:00

First stones-soup and lunch of the construction work


On Friday, 26.10, 18:00

Inauguration of the « Radoub » (dry dock)

Concert / Jacuzzi – > Truand (Dirtyguitarism, Fribourg)


On Saturday, 27.10, 13:00

Soup / non-institutional debate about the Sarin


On Saturday 27.10, 15:00

Launching of the ships, supervised by Canoé Club Fribourg


  • Ville de Fribourg


Pont de Saint-Jean, Fribourg, Suisse


From: October 20, 2018
Until: October 27, 2018



  • Amandine Lamour
  • Vincent Yersin

image by Christophe Dargent

image by Christophe Dargent

Image Credits: Constructlab