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Bauhaus Dessau summer school workshop

Workshop II-Co-Housing at Bauhaus Dessau summer school,  took place under the guidance of Alexander Roemer (Constructlab, Berlin) and Christof Mayer (Raumlabor, Berlin). The workshop referenced the main ideas of the Bauhaus in planning, architecture, and interior design for mass housing, in the 1970s the former GDR developed the WBS70, one of the most radical standardized and industrially produced housing types. Inspired by the economic realities of the former GDR, the WBS70 was designed as a model for the nuclear family in a socialistic society. With nearly 640,000 built, the WBS70 was the most constructed housing type in the former GDR’s housing construction program.

After the fall of the iron curtain, former socialist societies sought a future unbounded by socialism. Today, the global dream of living with high levels of individualization and self-responsibility in a free market system faces new limits. Economic capacities and the availability of environmental resources are now pressing issues for housing and living conditions in the immediate future….


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Dessau, Dessau-Roßlau, Germany


From: July 1, 2012
Until: July 7, 2012



  • A glorious group of international students

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