Posting Post Its

By entering the space of the Common Ground at the Chicago Architecture Biennial 2019, one can read:

This space is activated by it’s users. Any group or person can organise or attend a gathering. Simply use an empty Post-it to announce an event or join a gathering that has previously been announced.

Within the space we invite you to respond to the content on the walls. Use Post-it’s to add comments, make new propositions or come up with alternative spatial strategies.

We invite you to reconfigure the space to meet your needs. Most of the materials have been used in past Chicago Architectural Biennials. Other materials are in the process of being precycled. They have been rented, borrowed or bought with the intend to be returned and reused. 

Through the space you’ll find the “How Together” manual with stories and strategies that are there to inspire you.

Along the duration of the Biennial, the public and different groups have taken upon this proposition… but as we are not there, we can only witness it through digital medias. Here is a small collection of the transformed landscape one can see on Instagram.

Part of the project:

How Together How Together – the book