ConstructLab open workshop – BROEI (BE)

Join us this spring for a 5 day open workshop during our residency in the castle Duivelsteen in Ghent! From 14 – 18 April.
That week will also be the release of our manual for the wood-connector that was made especially for this project.

This Open Workshop is part of the continuation of our intervention in this castle. A first residency happened in spring 2020.

The issue of transforming the historical Devil’s Stone into a temporary work and exhibition place for young organisations first raised a different question for us:
How do you conceive temporary structures that harbor and foster collective actions without losing human or material energy if the program has to be removed or moved?
ConstructLab investigated how to eliminate the link between temporary infill and the single-use of wood. To this end, we developed a simple yet effective connection piece that combines the versatility of scaffolding connections with affordable wood.
For the choice of wood we looked at SLS wood (the Scandinavian Lumber Standard). It is widely available construction wood that is produced from fast-growing sustainable pine. One connector is capable of connecting SLS beams in three directions, as well as attaching additional materials to the structure (textiles, ropes, …).
A manual is developed to showcase the different interactions. Is it something new to invent and build, to add to a structure built by ConstructLab or to easily move to a new location.
We want to stimulate using the act of building can as a liberating tool in the rather harsch landscape of temporary occupations.



Part of the project:

The Devil Castle

Image Credits: Leontien Allemeersch, video by Loïc Meulenberg