Le cours de l’eau, la cour et l’eau #8 Meanwhile

While everybody is concentrated in doing, some needs at first unknown pop up from the daily use of the art center as living space. The kitchen, its heart suffers from the lack of space. While cooking for fifty everyday, the dirty dishes pile up in the small stonewalled plunge. A side project starts. Let’s make a bigger plunge. A team constitute and start working with the team of La cuisine to propose an outdoor plunge, accessible to all. Reflecting on saving water, the plunge is a line with a tank and two pipes. One pipe is long and warms up with sun light. That’ll be warm cleaning water. One pipe is short. That’ll be rinsing cold water.
« Hey, wait. I’m sure we can cook an egg on the metal structure ». The plunge is ready, there is time left, and a piece of wood. As temperature warms up, the metal diffuses the heat. 38° outside under the trees… most likely 50° under the steel roof. Cooking an egg on a steel plate cooked by the sun seems not challenging enough. But cooking an egg under the roof, that’s a statement. As she designs her structure, she cuts, screws and assemble the pieces. She finds a transparent plate, makes her system fits to it so that one can check the cooking from below. Sure, if it is 38° again, they’ll all have a good omelette!

Image Credits: ©Constructlab / Juul Prinsen, Mathilde Gintz, Arthur Bed, Anaïs Renner