Le cours de l’eau, la cour et l’eau #7 The Flying Plumber

Whereas graphics make the visible link, the flying plumber creates the invisible link. He is responsible for the water flow. Crazy physician lost in subtle calculations known only by himself, drawing maps made of movements, lines, arrows and numbers, the Flying Plumber flies from one team to another to forage up-to-date information and try to connect them all, until it all fits. The Flying Plumber make hypotheses, checks, redo, again and again. He has not much material, nor many hands but he knows that when it’ll be his turn, he’ll have all the help he needs. Suddenly, the Flying Plumber runs around smiling with a bucket of clean water. The last day, they don’t even remember where the Flying Plumber exactly was. But they do remember it was 38°. The pool was magically filled up. One saw it, undressed, ran and jumped. And they all followed. The Flying Plumber creates visible happiness with invisible ties, and so did they all while participating.

Image Credits: ©Constructlab / Mathilde Gintz, Juul Prinsen, Joanne Pouzenc