Le cours de l’eau, la cour et l’eau #6 Of ink and fresh water / D’encre et d’eau fraîche

From far away, around the castle, one can see a strange big colorful rubber buoy – former tractor wheel – floating above the castle. While arriving closer, one can read : « Pump it up ». Ink and graphics are the link to it all. They offer a narrative to each part of the project with color, lines, bubbles, waves. Between towel, buoy, deck chair, these elements come to connect: at the same time, they connect the different parts of the project, but as well the ongoing show with the town and its inhabitants. Through symbolic representations of the structures with the superposition of patterns and the participatory use of serigraphy, graphics are the common thread guiding, inviting and mediating. Three flags take the wind reminding what attitudes led them to realize this project : « Il faut se mouiller le maillot / one as to wet its shirt », one needs to make great efforts, to spend without counting – « se jeter à l’eau / take the plunge », there is a time when one needs to take decisions, without having any certainties about their ends – « nager entre deux eaux / swimming between waters », even though taken by hesitation and doubt, succeeding in navigating between different flows, staying the course.

Image Credits: ©Constructlab / Mathilde Gintz, Anaïs Renner, Arthur Bed, Alex Lambert