Le cours de l’eau, la cour et l’eau #5 Tropical Show

The tropical show is at the same time the end of the line and the entrance way to it all. Whereas water ends there to nurture the plants, swimmers initiate their path to water through a linear and delicate wet catwalk of aligned local bricks, in between the reeds borrowed directly from the town – Nègrepelisse being one of the biggest natural filtration station in France of sewage water by plantation. The tropical show creates the link between the installation and the previously built canopy. Fogging delights big and small ones: already before entering, one can feel the ambiance cooling down. The tropical show questions the boundaries of the living in an hostile environment.

Image Credits: Photos : Constructlab / Anaïs Renner, Juul Prinsen, Mathilde Gintz / Drawing : Alex Lambert