Le cours de l’eau, la cour et l’eau #1 Between crane and buckets

Water is not magic. Water is the essence of the machine. While we are used to get it directly from our kitchen and bath pipes, as we push, press or turn a button, water as we know it is the result of a long journey and process. Water is an effort. Featuring two cranes and a series of buckets, water is brought by human strength and cooperation to the courtyard. Standing proudly over the wall of the former castle, the main crane creates a signal and an invitation to curiosity, « to be used ». While using both cranes, water creates a dialogue, between the ones who carry and the ones who see from over the top of the wall that water is needed. Reinterpreting medieval construction techniques, the cranes and buckets make visible ancient mechanics pointing out both their simplicity and complexity inherited from centuries of engineering. The buckets located in different points of the art center collect rainwater. Their dimension are variable and adapted to the different observable rainwater flows due to the slight irregularities of the existing structure. Made for any use, they can host a bath for two, a kid bath, feet cleaning and relaxing, etc.

Part of the project:

Le cours de l’eau, la cour et l’eau

Image Credits: ©Constructlab / Arthur Bed, Joanne Pouzenc, Mathilde Gintz