La Place Bricole

Place Boivin is a square located in the heart of Saint-Étienne’s historic centre. Around the square are numerous of small food shops and restaurants that keep the place busy. Sadly it’s mostly used as a car parking, what doesn’t leave a lot of space for pedestrians spending their time in the space. We were invited to join Ici-Bientôt with their challenge to create a debate about the future of the place. During four days W.o.W occupied the square and transformed it into a space for people. They discovered it, created it and became part of the transformation. By climbing up the stairs people were invited to take another perspective and have a panorama over the place.

The purpose of La Place Bricole was to gain public attention and to make an ongoing transformation possible. People became inspired about their opportunities to occupy and create urban space. After four days, W.o.W left but the furniture and ideas about the place remained.

From: 17th May 2018
Until: 20th May 2018

Place Boivin, 42000 Saint-Étienne, Frankreich

Image Credits: constructLab