Construction of DISplay starts!

This summer, ConstructLab descends in the beguinage of Hasselt with the project We’ll Find Ways, a new meeting place called DISplay will be built with and for the inhabitants of Hasselt. Organised with Z33, it will become a hybrid communication platform, where social-cultural relationships will be reinforced.

The setting is the beguinage of Hasselt. This triangular walled garden in the city center forms a unique oasis, forming a stark contrast with the industrious Hasselt. It is an ideal place for people to pause, slow down and recharge from their daily lives. And while the beguinage has been a well kept public secret, this does not need to be so. This non-commercial hangout could become a subtle communication tool and orientation point for the people of Hasselt.

Over the summer, We’ll Find Ways will utilize the beguinage as their HQ: a starting point for various expeditions and processions. A crossroads for a multitude of roads and trails. A starting point, not an end stop. Whether these paths intersect only temporarily, the encounters in the garden carry a promise with them.

Image Credits: Leonard Contramestre, ConstructLab