Building Festival

“Being part of something
is the biggest reward you could ever get for
being part of something.

Falling into place
every little piece that fits
being able to mean more to the place and to others.

Achieving things together
and feeling appreciated more than ever
is what happend at the arch.

Even though most of us didn’t really know
what to expect, coming to the arch
and the two week-lasting building festival,
everything fell in place, like also my little pieces did.

Living in a wooden structure, with only basic facilities
is maybe not the most common,
but certainly the best way to get to know each other
the most efficient and honest way possible.

Already after the very first days
the organisation of our teamwork
was flowing naturally out of our individual skills.

Trust was used to pass information and responsibility
from one to another by sharing our little inventions
that could make our process more efficient
and at the end super fast …

probably we looked like a little bunch of ants
working our ass off in the burning sun for a collective result.
But we didn’t care,… or maybe we even loved it.

You could call us crazy, if you saw us sawing all those
plastic profiles making bricks for that utopian arch.
Would we ever be able to built it anyway?
Was a question we didn’t dare to ask ourselves.

A hard day of working (and laughing away that question)
would not have been complete without the most
comforting moments of the day … heavenly food
and chilling together in our comfy homemade hammocks.

Before we knew
those two weeks of building, making fun, playing in
pouring rain and sun, morning yoga, commitment and exploring,
had come to an end without end.

Cause how could you call it an end, if the arch itself
was not even there yet, and everybody we met,
had become part of us, our heart, our story and the arch?
There is something more, a connection that I can’t describe.

A link that keeps us forever together in the arch. Almost literally.
‘Cause even though most of our beloved building family members
where heading home, there was that crazy moment I decided to stay.

Falling totally in love with our archlife, for a moment
I couldn’t imagine a life without it anymore.
Those kind of friendships and moments we had
are more than special and totally indescribable.

So many times my eyes and heart felt like swimming
in liquid waves of gold. Wishing for its eternity, and definitely
being too scared to lose it or never feel it ever again.

Now, some months later, life, apart from the arch, has re-begun.
But daydreams take me back to the windy nights, our swarming swallows,
warm fireplace evenings, the cold outside shower, the refreshing pool
where I got thrown in twice, the comforting food, the cinema-nights,
breakfast faces, toothbrushmoments, cosy evenings,
little expeditions, hard work while dancing, making 100 hot pizzas
and stargazing until late in the night with some beloved ones…

There are so much more moments I would like to share
but how will I ever be able to write them all down.. wish I could.

Nevertheless, I hope this daydreaming may go on forever and always
and within every single one of us, so the arch can live further in all
our memories, tiles and bricks, until we meet again.

But for now I send you lots of love
from your little flying bird Eleonore”

Part of the project:

The Arch

Image Credits: OST + Constructlab