Adapting to the one to a 20th scale

Amandine Lamour

Immersion into the project takes time. It’s one of these projects of a sort of un-obviousness that is hard to get hold of in a couple of discussions. I need some weeks to be able to assert myself that the construction is indeed only a pretext for the creation of a context that facilitates the encounter, since, for the moment, we are absorbed by the construction. While we exercise ourselves in adaptation, I become aware of the wide wingspan of this word that becomes particularly meaningful here. We play petanque on the big gravel and find rotation systems to take care of the hygiene.

Until where can we call it our house?

In the recent days of the project, we live in ignorance of the other city, the one that abounds in close proximity to the Arch. We obtain fermenting hops, ovo-matine and immature fruits from elsewhere, some kilometers away, whereto we take the highway, crossing bridges and lights of many colours, while Staalenstraat is bursting with foods and everything to cover our needs. We feel cut off from the city, while we are in some way ourselves reinforcing this fact. We didn’t properly get in touch with the city, but the need to build our own place on a terrain under constant evolution, where the chant of the circular saws and the construction vehicles suffocates the distant sing-sang of the birds in the trees from the first ray of sunlight on.

Images: Selection of the front sides of the weekly flyers that are spread throughout the city to announce planned and spontaneous activities at the Arch. Graphic concept for the flyers: Amandine Lamour

English Translation: Mascha Fehse

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The Arch