A new mountain!

In Montreal, we have imagined a second mountain. One that could echo the profane, creative and popular character of the city’s well known Mont Royal. From MontReal to Mont Réel, the installation will be a gathering place to create resonance around the cultures of the city and to explore and experiment questions of urban biodiversity.

This new mountain will be built in the site of the former Outremont’s railway station. Now a building ground, at the crossing of three neighbourhoods, that is to become the University of Montreal’s new science campus in the years to come.

During our first team visit to Montreal great meetings where undertaken with the neighbouring communities and other local actors. Conversations, ideas and imaginaries started boiling up and forming the first few rocky layers of what will soon become the Mont Réel.

In the next few months, the mountaineers will continue working in order to open a 3-week collaborative workshop for the months of june/july in order to give light to this new mountain.

Keep an eye on the horizon!


Part of the project:

Mont Réel